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Five Things You Need to Know About Quantum at UMD

The University of Maryland leads the way in quantum innovation and stands as one of the most promising contributors to the emerging quantum computing arena. Over the last 15 years, UMD has strategically cultivated a thriving ecosystem, collaborating with companies, researchers, and industry experts. Here, we present five pivotal aspects that emphasize UMD’s prominent position in quantum technology and its continuous evolution.
1. Quantum Pioneer in College Park

IonQ, the world’s only publicly traded pure-play quantum computing company, headquartered in College Park, Maryland, is making quantum computing accessible and is valued at approximately $2.8 billion. Its strategic location within the University of Maryland’s Discovery District has positioned it at the forefront of quantum innovation, facilitating collaboration and access to cutting-edge research.

At IonQ, we firmly believe that the future of quantum relies on a strong partnership between industry and academia. QLab is a testament of our commitment to nurturing this collaboration, paving the way for students to be at the forefront of quantum research and development,” - Peter Chapman, CEO and president of IonQ.

2. Ecosystem Excellence for Quantum Ventures

Maryland’s strong foundation for quantum innovation, coupled with its proximity to federal research labs and access to funding sources, has created a thriving ecosystem. UMD, with nine quantum research centers and over 200 researchers, is a global leader in quantum research and applications. The Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance further enhances Maryland’s presence in quantum R&D and education.

3. Powerful Partnerships for Quantum Success

UMD’s strategic collaborations with federal agencies like the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Laboratory for Physical Sciences, and the Joint Quantum Institute, highlight its commitment to advancing quantum technologies.

4. Investments in Quantum Research & Hardware

A quantum launchpad within UMD’s Discovery District, the $20 million National Quantum Lab (Q-Lab), created in partnership with IonQ, provides access to cutting-edge quantum hardware. UMD’s collaboration with IonQ extends to the establishment of an IonQ Professorship, ensuring a continuous stream of top-tier talent for quantum companies.

5. Quantum Startup Acceleration with QSF

UMD introduced the Quantum Startup Foundry (QSF) in 2021 to accelerate innovation and economic development within the regional quantum ecosystem. QSF connects with startups at the forefront of commercializing quantum technologies.

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